PMI was born in 1987 as a result of a decades-long experience in the field of designing and producing industrial machines, conceived to solve specific problems in various types of plant.
This business background, together with the exploitation of recent technological innovations, ensures extremely varied designing and manufacturing skills able to develop custom-made solutions to meet the customers’ particular needs. Over the years, its specialisation has concentrated on building storage systems, extractors, screening sieves and conveyors in the field of woodchip panels, MDF, pellets, chip treatment and sawdust plants in general.

Our close co-operation with the principal main Italian firms specialised in machine-building, allows us to carry out “turnkey” solutions, suitable for improving or replacing traditional technologies applied to many manufacturing processes, ensuring that our customers enjoy a considerable reduction in production costs.

“All-inclusive” is a service intended by PMI as an extension and complement to the customisation process that includes all the different stages of plant construction: consulting, designing, building, erection and final testing and the training of personnel.