The Extraplus type extractors are machines based on the principle of rotating Archimedes screws with the unloading at the centre of the circular silos. They are normally used for extracting wood-based particles such as: sawdust, shavings, chips, work scrap and pellets.


They represent the amalgamation of many innovative solutions aimed at achieving maximum productivity:

  • High extraction capacities with minimum power requirement.
  • Constant and uniform extraction even in the presence of fibrous and compacted material and without separating them.
  • Absence of any spontaneous flows inside the discharge hopper.
  • Routine maintenance can be carried out even on the full silo.
  • Suitable for silos up to 25m diameter.

Technical characteristics

The extraction shaft is controlled by a closed-circuit hydraulic transmission that does not require any inverter for the management of the electric motors and provides high torque even in low working conditions.

For applications with particularly abrasive materials, PMI provides technologically advanced wear-resistant coverings applied to the transport surface of the spirals, on the areas concerning tubing and on the crumbling teeth fitted on the periphery of the screws.

Extraction capacity:

Up to 800m3/hr*.

*Depending on the type of material handled.

Extraplus series SM



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