The HSE type hydraulic extractors are normally used for the extraction of wood-based particles such as: sawdust, shavings, chips, work scrap, pellets and in general when the process requires more than one discharge outlet.


High extraction capacity with minimum power requirement.
Wide extraction range achieved by controlling the dosage screw by means of an inverter.
Various discharge outlets with independent extractions.
Routine maintenance possible even with a full silo.
Suitable for silos with diameters from 4 to 7m.

Technical characteristics

One or two hydraulic pistons are mounted for moving the scraper on the bottom according to the extraction requirements.

Extraction capacity:

Depends on the type of extraction screw installed on the discharge.

HSE series 2P – version with two hydraulic pistons                                            HSE series 1P – version with one hydraulic piston



Download Brochure download: PMI HSE 2017 (848.03KB)
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