PMI has strengthened its experience in the sectors of crushing and chipping tree trunks sectors, building ad-hoc feeding lines based on the specific requirements of the plants and the treated material.

In particular, two types of loaders have been designed for the reception and feeding of conveyors directly to the crushing and with an effective bark separator from the processed material.


The CTH series trunk loaders have been designed for receiving at the same time medium and large-section trunks of pre-set length for homogeneously feeding the downstream conveyor.
The material is lifted and automatically transferred to the outlet direction, thus filling up the route. This particular movement causes continual jolting and rubbing between the trunks, assisting the detachment of any bark deposits, soil and stones that then fall into special evacuators below.
The discharge from the machine can be controlled by an operator in the control room to refill again at discretion the collection section of the downstream conveyor.


Instead, the TKK.P series loaders are employed in receiving small-size trunks.
Besides the possibility of adjusting the processed material line speed, the control room operator can adjust the inclination of the machine conveyor so as to act upon the discharged flow dilution.


The conveyor lines designed for crushers are constructed from extremely robust structures to cope with the heavy loading they experience and can be supplied with a bark separator from the Pentadyn series.
Thanks to the special shape of the cutting rollers and the distancing discs that make up this machine, the deposits of the separated materials or those being separated from the conveyed trunks are separated by the production process, letting them fall into the collection basins below.